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Dental Clinic In Sarjapur Road for Bad breathe or Halitosis

Oral malodour has been recognised since ancient times, but in the last five to six years it has increasingly come to the forefront of public and dental professional awareness. Dentist in Sarjapur Road have been consulting many a patients for Oral malodour! It is a subjective perception after smelling someone’s breath. It can be pleasant, unpleasant, or even disturbing. It is extremely common and majority of adult population have had it at some point in time. At least 50% of the population suffers from a chronic oral malodour condition by which individuals experience personal discomfort and social embarrassment leading to emotional distress. The consequences of oral malodour may be more than social; it may reflect serious local or systemic conditions present.

Halitosis may be physiological or pathological. Physiologic oral malodor is transient in duration as it can be controlled to varying degrees in most individuals by oral hygiene measures. In a special patient category, subjects imagine they have breath malodor; this is called imaginary breath odor or halitophobia. The latter has been associated with obsessive compulsive disorders and hypochondria (psychological). Most have been oblivious to the problem and studies show that people are poor judges of their own breath odor (adaptation/desensitization due to chronic exposure).

As a best practice it is best left our Dentist Clinic In Sarjapur Road do a  thorough professional consultation for halitosis/bad breath. The reasons being galore for the above, don’t procrastinate, work proactively to find the root cause for the problem and get it solved. To know more or a detailed consultation visit our Dentist in Sarjapur Road or visit our website 

A prior appointment would be required for a comprehensive consultation at Smylife Dental Clinic In Sarjapur Road as it’s a group practice for all dental needs. Dentistry is not expensive, negligence is! 

Lifestyle and home remedies to prevent Periodontitis / Gum disease

A Periodontist specialises in the treatment of Gum related issues. A Periodontist specialises in the treatment of periodontal disease. One of the many an advice our Best Dentist in Sarjapur Road would provide during your visit is as follows:

Brush your teeth twice a day or, better after every meal or snack.

Consider using an electric toothbrush, which may be more effective at removing plaque and tartar.

Floss daily – a good habit to start of for kids as its early days 

Use a soft toothbrush and replace it at least every three to four months.

Use a mouth rinse to help reduce plaque between your teeth, if recommended by your Best Periodontist in Bangalore.

Supplement brushing and flossing with an interdental cleaner, such as a dental pick, interdental brush or dental stick specially designed to clean between your teeth.

Get regular professional dental cleanings, on a schedule recommended by your dentist.

Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.

For a start visit your family dentist. Depending on the extent of your periodontitis, do visit the Best Periodontist in Bangalore for an appointment to know more in regards to the treatment. 

For an appointment with the Dentist or Periodontist visit or call us at 72595 78600.

Best Root Canal Treatment

Our Best Root Canal Specialist In Sarjapur Road would perform Root canal treatment which is an endodontic procedure that is suggested as an alternative to extraction. Most dread visiting a dentist but when tooth infections, cavities, and other dental problems cause debilitating tooth pain these visits become unavoidable.

The treatment option suggested by the The Best Root Canal Dentist varies, depending on the condition of the affected tooth. If the tooth can be salvaged, their first choice is the root canal treatment.

Most patients cringe at the thought of undergoing this treatment, owing to the myths associated with it. They feel that having the affected tooth extracted is a better option as that would be quicker and less painful, as well as on the cost of the treatment incurred.

The Best Dentist in Bangalore at Smylife Dental help debunking the Myths About Root Canal Procedure, Debunked root canal procedure involves the removal of the inflamed or infected dental pulp tissue. Besides the removal of pulp, the root canal, which is a channel in the root of a tooth through which the nerve and blood vessels enter the pulp cavity, is cleaned, filled, and sealed. A dental crown is later placed on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function. Do visit our Best Root Canal Specialist in Sarjapur Road for an appointment. call 7259578600 to know more.

A lot of people when they are in their early teens get braces put on their teeth. The Best Orthodontist in Sarjapur Road Dr. Venkatesh Garla and his team will recommend wearing braces in order to correct an overbite, under bite or some other jaw misalignment.

The idea is to gradually move the teeth to a better position to improve your physical appearance and to prevent a variety of diseases such as gum disease, tooth decay and chewing and speaking problems. Braces can help improve your smile and confidence as well. Our Best Orthodontist In Bangalore recommend that braces be worn as early as possible to correct misaligned teeth to prevent various dental conditions before they crop up. Usually for for young people, the course of treatment takes between 12 and 25 months. For adults, the period is a little longer. Because of the obstruction presented by braces you have to pay special attention to your oral health.

At Smylife Dental, Best Dentist in Sarjapur Road offer offer the top technology in orthodontic care. The intervention of the Best Orthodontist In Bangalore will go a long way towards preventing diseases that could result in much more expensive, not to mention uncomfortable procedures down the road. For more, visit us for a consultation Dentist in Sarjapur Road.

Visit or call us at 7259578600

Root Canal Treatment Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Endodontist or better known as a Root Canal Specialist possess the highest skill to restore a teeth from its last battle to stay on strong. Root Canal Specialist in Sarjapur Road at Smylife Dental ensure the best possible treatment in disinfecting the affected tooth / teeth and ensuring to have a painless and effective treatment for the patient. A comprehensive consultation will ensure that all digital radiographs are taken to ascertain the cause of the problem and the required treatment for the same.

Root Canal treatment at Smylife Dental will be done under the watchful eyes of the specialist, for a comprehensive consultation please do visit the Dentist in Sarjapur Road or visit for an appointment.

Best Orthodontist In Bangalore for evaluation of Children teeth

Many parents are eager to know the best time to have their kids evaluated by Best Orthodontist In Bangalore for an evaluation. Many naturally assume that it would be a given age, but the truth is that not every kid will be at the same level of orthodontic development at the same age.

Ordinarily, the best time to take your child in for an orthodontic evaluation is after her or his first permanent teeth have begun to emerge. Your family dentist will evaluate the same during their routine checks and have them consulted with the Orthodontist in Smylife Dental, Sarjapur Road.

Most Best Orthodontic Treatment will begin around the ages of 9 and 14.

If you’re looking for a Good Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road or Bangalore, contact Smylife Dental website or call 7259578600 for appointments.

Bad Breath / Halitosis or foul breath is caused due to various reasons. There could be intra-oral and extra-oral reasons. Intra-oral  reasons such as food particles from odour producing food such as onion , garlic etc., poor oral hygiene, smoking, respiratory infections, acid reflux. Extra oral causes such diabetic ketoacidosis, liver disease and kidney disorders. If it is an intra-oral reason there are few steps you should take:

1. Visit your dentist for oral prophylaxis or cleaning every 6 months. Our Dentist in Sarjapur Road will help you with the same

2. Brush your teeth and floss twice daily

3. Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper

To know more, visit our website or call us at 7259578600 for an appointment.

Best Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road

Having a beautiful smile is just not a blessing it’s an unavoidable necessity in today’s world. Kid’s want to look good in schools, peer pressure at college, appearance and presentability matters at work place and so on. Dental advancements have had a huge impact in smile corrections. Best Orthodontist in Bangalore Dr. Venkatesh Garla has been striving hard the last 17 years to achieve the best possible for all his loyal patients. 3500 smiles and counting, Smylife Dental offers the Damon braces system for people seeking helping in achieving a better a smile.

Doctor’s at Smylife Dental, Best Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road view each and every patient in a comprehensive manner so as to achieve a result they are satisfied with, so as the patient.

For a comprehensive Orthodontic Consultation please visit Smylife Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road 

Customised Orthodontic treatments

Braces for adults and children has seen advancements in technology like never before. Dentist at Smylife Dental have been striving to to achieve a fast, comfortable and precise treatment with advanced technology like Insignia. These braces are custom manufactured for each and every patient using a 3D treatment plan created by the Orthodontist in Smylife Dental. This digital planning and 3D visibility allows the Orthodontist in Sarjapur Road to plan meticulously.

Usually treatments at Smylife Dental in Bangalore is much faster than the traditional braces used across bangalore. The number of time it takes to visit the clinic is reduced. This helps a lot for patients and parents with busy schedules.

Braces for Orthodontic treatments are not only for cosmetic concerns, they align your teeth properly together for a perfect bite. This helps in preventing discomfort and aligns the jaw, neck and shoulders.

Invisible braces at Smylife Dental allows patients to achieve superior aesthetics. Invisible adult braces help in achieving the same results as a traditional braces would do albeit without any social stigma pertaining to traditional braces. To know more about Adult Orthodontic Braces please visit the Best Orthodontist in Bangalore at Smylife Dental in Sarjapur Road.

Smylife Dental in Sarjapur Road is one of the very few clinics in Bangalore specialising in Damon System for Orthodontics. The advanced Orthodontist’s in Smylife help in achieving beautiful smiles and good oral hygiene forever.

Oral hygiene can be difficult to maintain for adults and children with mouth full of braces, but thanks to the advent of Damon System – maintaining good oral hygiene is not a challenge as before.

Traditional braces used elastic ties to hold wires, these in turn collected plaque that caused gum diseases and gingival bleeding. Damon braces in Bangalore used at Smylife Dental completely eliminates this concern. having the Best Orthodontist in Bangalore has its own proven advantages:

  1. Greater Patient Satisfaction
  2. Fewer visits to the orthodontist as only few adjustments would be required over the course of the treatment completion
  3. Very short treatment times

Damon braces are very gentle to the teeth and tissues. Having a beautiful smile today has become a pre-requisite right from schooling years. Adult Orthodontics treatments require skilled doctor combining with good technology to achieve the desired results for lifetime. Patient cooperation is of paramount importance to achieve the same. To know more visit our Best Dentist in Sarjapur Road for more.

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