Annual Dental Plan


Regular dental check-ups are the first step to achieving a beautiful smile, improving oral health and reducing the risk of dental diseases. We provide excellence in dentistry supported by latest in dental technology. Our clients are very special to us, so we have developed Smylife Dental’s Annual Plan. Our annual dental plan offers you an easy and cost effective way to help look after your teeth and prevent problems from building up. A year’s membership to the ‘Smylife Dental’s Annual Plan’ entitles you to:

Routine Dental Check-ups

Our check-ups are very thorough. The dentist will check your oral cavity the teeth, jaws and soft tissues of the mouth for any sign of disease your occlusion (bite) to check how your teeth fit and full clinical examination of every tooth surface for signs of decay and checking that any existing dental work is sound.

Digital X-ray / OPG

A full mouth X-ray (OPG) will be taken to assess the level of your bones and their health, stage of dental development (for anyone below 14 years), inclination and condition of the wisdom teeth (if present), and to look for decays in all the teeth in general. Smaller intraoral X- rays (IOPAs) will be taken in case for specific tooth problems like pain, tenderness and mobility.

Routine Scaling and Polishing Appointments

Your annual plan membership will include two scaling and polishing appointments (6 months apart) to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Scaling and Polishing will remove the calculus (tartar) from around the gum line and removes plaque and surface stains from your teeth. We will also educate you about the proper brushing technique and how to improve the care of your teeth at home.

Considerable cost savings

As an annual plan member, you will also be entitled to 10 % off on any other dental treatments if you need them.