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Damon Braces


  • We are Bangalore’s leading practitioners in the application of Damon braces.
  • Damon Braces utilize a unique, self ligation, low friction mechanism, that is ideal for moving teeth comfortably into a better bite.
  • What makes Damon system different?
  • Damon Braces are passive self ligating braces, they eliminate the need for traditional elastic or metal “ties”.
  • The Damon system is a clinically proven treatment that aligns your teeth and enhances your facial esthetics- usually without extractions of teeth or rapid palatal expanders.
  • Outstanding comfort and better oral hygiene:
  • Conventional  Braces are tied with elastics, which can cause friction and pressure, making treatment less comfortable. Damon Braces have a unique slide mechanism that reduces pressure on teeth and allows them to move more comfortably to their correct positions.
  • The absence of “ties” make dental hygiene easier during treatment as they do not attract or collect plaque.


Damon Clear Braces


  • Damon Clear Braces work the same way as traditional Damon braces, without elastic ties but the main advantage is that Damon clear braces are made from an aesthetic ceramic.
  • This can be important for many people who have put off treatment at the thought of wearing metal braces.


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