State-of-the-art Sterilization Unit

Class-B Autoclave

Microbial threats in laboratories and medical practice, in general, is a growing concern today. Meanwhile, the science and technology of in-clinic sterilization process is seeing huge advancements as well. Successful sterilization happens only when all viable microorganisms including many of the highly resistant bacterial spores are destroyed. Only class B autoclaves are capable of performing to this level. Class B autoclaves cover the broad spectrum of pathogens that are likely to be found in dental procedure.

This is the only clinically acceptable means of sterilizing reusable instruments used between patients. Class B autoclaves are designed to sterilize using elevated temperatures of 121 to 134 degree centigrade under pressure of 15 to 30 psi, and it has a maximum holding time of 30 minutes. None of the other methods of sterilization matches the cleanliness and effectiveness of a class B. It can sterilize solid, hollow and porous instruments whether in wrapped or unwrapped state. Class B has yet another major safety feature. It uses active forced air removal using an in-built vacuum pump. This removes the air from the load prior to the chamber being pressurized with steam. At Smylife we use Class-B Autoclave for your total protection.

Ultrasonic Washer

Ultrasonic cleaning reduces direct contact with contaminated instruments. It creates cavitations which form billions of bubbles which are bombarded against the instruments to produce cleaning turbulence. This is much more efficient than manual scrubbing. All instruments can be cleaned ultrasonically. At Smylife we use the ultrasonic washer for optimum cleaning results.


We use a Deionizer to reduce the minerals present in the water. This process prepares the ideal water for autoclaves and other devices. The specific conductance of the water is according to the value suggested by EN 13060 norms.

Instrument Pouch Sealing Machine

At Smylife, we follow a world-class sterilization protocol. No sterilization is 100% safe or complete if the autoclave treatment for sterilization is not done with the instruments enclosed in a special sealed pouch. We use the top of the line Euronda machine for pouch sealing. In this process, the instruments are placed in the autoclave within a sealed pouch. Then the autoclave sterilization takes place. The instruments remain sealed till it reaches the doctor, and it is opened only by the doctor under sterile conditions in front of the patient.



In-House X-ray


Outstanding images at record-breaking speed

Built on the award-winning platform of the CS 8100 panoramic system, the CS 8100SC features the world’s fastest cephalometric imaging technology and tracing software. With a full range of available image formats and powerful software features, the CS 8100SC is an ideal choice for everyday orthodontic and oral surgery applications.

Scanning in record time – fastest ceph scanning in the world.
Exclusive automatic tracing software – full tracing within 90 seconds.
CS Adapt module for impressive image clarity and customizable look and feel.
Ultra-compact unit fits any practice
Versatile programs and image formats (26 x 24 cm, 18 x 24 cm and 18 x 18 cm)

High-quality images
Combining state-of-the-art image processing and advanced imaging technology, the CS 8100SC captures crystal-clear image in seconds. Preset orthodontic filters optimize visualization of hard and soft tissues with just one click, while the CS Adapt module delivers impressive image clarity and even allows you to customize the look and feel of your images.

The fastest scanning cephalometric system in the world
The CS 8100SC is able to scan an 18 x 24 cm image in as little as three seconds when using the quick mode. Such exceptional speed not only reduces the risk of motion blur, it also reduces exposure time for the patient. And with two scanning modes available, as well as selectable fields of view, you can further adapt image quality and exposure area based on your diagnostic needs. In other words, sharper images and safer patient conditions.

Exclusive automatic tracing

With the CS 8100SC, your images are turned into tracings in just 90 seconds. The exclusive software automatically recognizes and traces anatomical structures— saving you and your team valuable time and delivering faster results. The software covers the most common analysis needs, such as Ricketts, McNamara, Steiner and Tweed.

Dual-sensor systems

Two sensors are better than one—and that’s why the CS 8100SC comes with dual sensors as a standard feature (one for panoramic and cephalometric imaging). Because there’s no need to change the sensor between examinations, there’s little need for manipulation and less risk of damage to the unit.



The treatment rooms are designed and positioned in such a way that the patient enjoys total privacy while he or she is getting treated on dental chair.
Patient consultation is also done with complete privacy.



The entire architectural design of the interior decor is planned and finished quite tastefully. Every effort has been taken to minimize the regular clinic or hospital feel.



We have structured appointments to minimize your waiting time after you check-in.  Though some amount of waiting period inevitable, we have made every effort to make the waiting area as homely  and comfortable as possible.



Our entire architectural design supports free movement of wheelchairs. There is a wheelchair ramp starting from the waiting area. We are happy to provide such a facility for our patients who make use of the support of a wheel chair.



We are living at a period where car parking facility is a premium; especially in Bangalore. At Smylife, we have made sure that you won’t have to drive around looking for spaces to park your vehicle. You will be welcomed with space to park both in the visiting parking and in the designated parking slots for our office clients.



At Smylife, we give credence to the quality of your total experience with us during each time you visit us for a dental procedure. To make this a reality, we have trained all our support staff to be friendly, courteous & caring.



You can call us and discuss about mutually convenient time for your visits. Our chief of operations is available on the mobile at times. With sufficient prior notice, you are welcome to visit us on Sundays, if dental chair slots are available on those days.



We have personable and highly trained dentists who take the time to explain procedures & the reason WHY you may need them. To instruct patients on the do’s & dont’s of dental care, we have special sessions in our education room for each patient. Such instructions are helpful for prevention and also for ensuing best long term results for the procedures undertaken.



At Smylife we understand that making your dental treatment affordable and convenient is an important step to start a treatment. Our dentist & Rx Co-ordinator both realize this and make this an office priority to financially accommodate your special concerns.
In addition, we also accept all major credit & debit cards. Let us know what works best for you & what it takes to make taking care of your oral health a priority and we will surely make any financial arrangements comfortable for you.