July 2018

Smylife Dental in Sarjapur Road is one of the very few clinics in Bangalore specialising in Damon System for Orthodontics. The advanced Orthodontist’s in Smylife help in achieving beautiful smiles and good oral hygiene forever.

Oral hygiene can be difficult to maintain for adults and children with mouth full of braces, but thanks to the advent of Damon System – maintaining good oral hygiene is not a challenge as before.

Traditional braces used elastic ties to hold wires, these in turn collected plaque that caused gum diseases and gingival bleeding. Damon braces in Bangalore used at Smylife Dental completely eliminates this concern. having the Best Orthodontist in Bangalore has its own proven advantages:

  1. Greater Patient Satisfaction
  2. Fewer visits to the orthodontist as only few adjustments would be required over the course of the treatment completion
  3. Very short treatment times

Damon braces are very gentle to the teeth and tissues. Having a beautiful smile today has become a pre-requisite right from schooling years. Adult Orthodontics treatments require skilled doctor combining with good technology to achieve the desired results for lifetime. Patient cooperation is of paramount importance to achieve the same. To know more visit our Best Dentist in Sarjapur Road for more.

Dental Implants and Advantages

Dental Implants and its advancements in India has reached new heights in the Dental Industry. Smylife Dental Clinic in Bangalore pioneers in the advanced treatment for replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants. Dental Implants today play an important part for treating problems faced by many a people. Missing teeth not only hinders the functionality of the mouth, it also impeded many other problems that complicates oral health. Slurred speech, reduced digestion, bad alignment of teeth and jaw problems that they may face due to biting inability.

The advantages of Dental Implants are massive, some are mentioned below

  • Easier eating and chewing
  • Improved speaking / speedh
  • Improves ones self-esteem
  • Improved comfort than dentures
  • Enhanced Oral Health

The Best Dentist for Dental Implant in Smylife Dental clinic in Sarjapur road ensures the best possible solution seeking for replacements of missing teeth. The benefits of Dental Implants outweigh the benefits of other procedures like Dental bridges for replacing missing teeth. They are not only safe but also the most durable and a close to permanent solution.

Dental Implants require the best hands to execute it. For more visit Smylife Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road to know more.

Orthodontist In Bangalore

Advanced Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics treatment is just not for kids anymore, gone are the days braces were only considered for kids. Today people aged from 20 – 45 are straightening their teeth. As there is been a paradigm shift in dental treatments for straightening teeth, its good riddance to big wired metal braces and headgears that we are reminded in our childhood.

Smylife Dental Clinic in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore is an advanced dental clinic pioneering in advanced Orthodontic Treatments. Apart from the conventional braces they also are one of the very few treating patients with invisible braces called INVISALIGN. It uses a series of clear plastic trays to align teeth into place. This is a very appealing solution for adults in the developed countries and slowly catching up in India.

Adults braces we like it or not is the most sought after. We all want to look good and that has seen a rise amongst the general populous in India. Apart from the good looking perspective adult orthodontic treatments have benefits which are far beyond than it may look.

For more information about braces for kids and adults alike, do visit our advanced dental clinic in Sarjapur Road. Visit our Best Orthodontics in Sarjapur Road to know more.

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